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(3) The third case includes all the people fighting their inner demons.When you’re fighting your inner demons, you’re usually addicted to outer approvals, be it in the form of money, praise, power, respect, sex or any other.

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But even if you have a strong mission, failure sucks. Whether you want it or not, you have to go through five emotional stages when facing every failure, based on the Kübler-Ross model.

You start with denial, convincing yourself that you just don’t care, and then you have to deal with anger, bargaining and depression. But you really need to take time to deal with all the emotions and then move on. It’s the only way to come back to the game stronger.

I joined one of MLMs and was one of the most successful salesmen for a year.

I subscribed many people and it felt good to see the results of my hard work.

Nevertheless, persisting from failure to failure is more of an emotional than an intellectual challenge.

You can either use negative emotions that come from failure to additionally motivate yourself or you can let them drag you down.

You need to form a strong vision and a powerful why that drives you through all the obstacles in life.

You need to find a mission that’s much bigger than your life.

If you don’t systematically deal with every failure, no matter how small, by going through all five stages, you only suppress your feelings and consequently, you’re slowly becoming an embittered person. While emotionally dealing with your failure, you of course have to ask yourself what you’ve learned from it.

Despite that, I’ve often seen that people find learning an easy and convenient excuse for failing.


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