Opposing Affirmative Action Essay

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At Connecticut College, we strive to create a community that welcomes the individuality of each person who lives, works and/or studies here.While we use the legal tool of affirmative action in hiring, much of what we do to build a vibrant, diverse community go beyond procedures that are defined by law.Overall, people of color are exceptional assets to universities, colleges and employers. In Opposition to Affirmative Action Some people say that instead of ending discrimination, affirmative action actually does the opposite.

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In a diverse setting one can grow from interacting with people from different backgrounds by learning about their cultures and experiences. In classrooms with people from different identity groups, students and faculty members can learn new perspectives from each other.

For people who have been challenged in their lives (e.g.

It is a way to give non-whites an opportunity to have decent jobs and add to the diversity at any work place.

Diversity is desirable, but without a concerted effort to attract students and faculty from different identity groups, higher education communities would not be very diverse.

Overall, they say that minorities are demeaned because they are chosen on the basis of affirmative action: affirmative action then is a way to perpetuate a lack of incentive on the part of minorities to achieve success on their own.

Connecticut College Supports Affirmative Action At Connecticut College, affirmative action influences hiring practices but not admission procedures.

The most common argument that I see is that affirmative action means that a minority "took" a spot from a "more qualified" person.

This sentiment is a nice way of saying, "These damn people took what was MINE."Sounds like resentment and anger to me. Nobody owns a spot in a prestigious college or job.

Most people get into an elite college because they have something special. Once you get above a threshold level of qualifications, it's kind of arbitrary.

Sometimes that special characterisic is musical talent, coming from an underrepresented state like Wyoming, or that person's race/gender/sexuality. The idea of a pure meritocracy is an illusion, but people still cling to it.


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