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- Oliver Cromwell was a well known military dictator.He helped the Parliamentarians win the First Civil War and was named Lord Protector.

Oliver Cromwell Oliver Cromwell is one of the most controversial personalities in England's history.

Many scientists have been arguing about him for centuries. "The English bourgeois revolution of the 17th century was the first revolution on a European scale.

All the actions he made were inspired by God, after long prayers and sleepless nights.

"Cromwell repeatedly claimed that God was controlling events, that his own actions were molded or directed by a very interventionist God, that he sought God's will on how he should proceed and that divine instruction shaped subsequent events." Although most of his self-determinations were difficult for him, the decision to support Charles I's sending to death was probably the most difficult one for him.

" Oliver Cromwell was neither a hero nor a villain.

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The evidence and opinions gathered will state, how he went from good to bad, and from bad to evil....

He thought Charles was not doing the right thing, so he worked hard and got him executed.

Oliver Cromwell was a Member of Parliament (MP) and was against king Charles and his ways, so he worked hard and got the king executed.

The desire in France, the United Kingdom and Czechoslovakia to avoid war with Germany led to a policy of appeasement.

Through a series of meetings a consensus was reached, led by Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, which specified that Sudeten Germans had a legitimate complaint and Germany’s expansionistic intentions did not reach beyond the Sudetenland....


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