Oedipus Rex Blindness Thesis

Oedipus Rex Blindness Thesis-81
By displaying the element of blindness in these three different ways, Sophocles creates not only a strong theme, but a sense of symbolism and foreshadowing also.

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Oedipus first hint was when a drunken man accused him of being a bastard child.

Next was the prediction from Phoebes, ho said that he was “fated to lie with his mother II and doomed to be the murderer of his father.

It is ironic that in the end, Oedipus ends up being literally blind, because throughout the story, the audience is focused on the aspect of Oedipus being mentally blind about his past.

As it has been proven through this essay, the theme of blindness in the story of Oedipus is shown through the blind prophet, through Oedipus blindness in realizing the truth, and through Oedipus himself becoming blind at the end of the story.

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Try it risk-free Ever notice how snakes or serpents are constantly used in stories to represent evil?These clues that Oedipus overlooked all contributed to the proof that he was blind to the facts of his life.The final way that the theme of blindness is portrayed in this play is through Oedipus becoming blind at the end of the story.The next way that the theme of blindness is shown is through Oedipus blindness in realizing the truth of his life.He was given hints by numerous people, yet was still oblivious to the reality.Oedipus asks Terrains to speak what he knows, and at first he is hesitant.He eventually gives in, and explains that it is Oedipus who is the murderer of Alias.Finally, it all clicked when the herdsman came and confirmed that Oedipus was in fact the child of Alias, and that is when he realizes that the oracle’s predictions were correct.One would think that after a few hints that Oedipus would put the pieces together ND realize the truth, however that is not the case.After reading or viewing this play, it is apparent that there are a few different themes, though the one which will be discussed in this essay is the theme of linden’s.The theme of blindness is shown through the blind prophet, through Oedipus blindness in realizing the truth, and finally through Oedipus stabbing his own eyes to the point Of blindness.


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