Networking Thesis Paper

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All nomination materials must be submitted electronically to the current Chair of the SIGMOBILE Doctoral Dissertation Award Committee by the submission deadline, and must be submitted in English. Award committee members will be appointed by the current SIGMOBILE awards chair.

The committee chair will adjudicate conflicts of interest, appointing substitutes to the committee as necessary.

If the conflict exists, the committee chair and the SIGMOBILE award chair will replace the member of the award selection committee with another volunteer.

A potential conflict of interest occurs when a person is involved in making a decision that: could result in that person, a close associate of that person, or that person's company or institution receiving significant financial gain, such as a contract or grant, or could result in that person, or a close associate of that person, receiving significant professional recognition, such as an award or the selection of a paper, work, exhibit, or other type of submitted presentation.

The best and simplest way for students to write a research paper at Deutsche Telekom is on an internship.

While you are employed in one of our divisions, you will learn how we revolutionize global communication.After all, if you do your bachelor’s or master’s degree with us, your work will not be a purely academic presentation but a paper with practical uses.Excellent papers will even receive a bonus from the division once the work has been published.Their main arguments would be that social networks are an uncontrolled, addictive, potentially destructive and distracting competitor for a person's social time, lumped into the same category as video games or alcohol.As a teacher myself, I can tell you that many students (and adults) appear to be unable to self-monitor their use of social media, resulting in excessive time spent using it, as well as what, to me, appear to be extreme abuses or oversights of common sense, such as posting sexual or drug/alcohol related material.For example, you could go point-by-point, trying to find evidence which refutes these arguments, or you could make an argument which circumvents these concerns.Take the Arab Spring, which was in part fueled by social media; many people would agree that the benefits of a social network, in this case, outweigh our domestic concerns about lost productivity.Who would oppose it, why would they oppose it, and what evidence would they use?Based on my personal knowledge (again, if this is a subject that is unfamiliar to you, you'll need to do some research here) I would suspect that people opposed to social networks might include parents, therapists and psychologists, educators and white-collar business managers.Innovation and progress are firmly rooted in our corporate strategy.This is precisely why Deutsche Telekom mentors students as they write their dissertation: It promotes dialog between academia and the working world.


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