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Simple prepositions indicate temporal, spatial, or logical relationships between the object of the preposition and the rest of the sentence; these include Neither simple prepositions nor participial prepositions should be capitalized in a title.

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(Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary is a good one.) If you don’t find it either place, just follow the basic rules, and you should be just fine!

Do you ever encounter titles in which every word is capitalized?

If you come across a title that contains a hyphenated compound with a prefix that cannot stand as a word on its own, the second element of the compound should be written in lowercase (unless it is a proper noun or proper adjective).

Examples of this include such words as "Co-owner" and "Re-elect." When a spelled-out number or simple fraction is used in a title, both components require capitalization.

This rule will most often apply to the titles of academic works in the medical or scientific fields.

If you are working with a title that contains the scientific name of a species, then the second portion of the name must be lowercased.A common rule that is thrown around is to capitalize all words in a title. Here, we'll be describing the rules for writing in title case, as outlined in the , which is a very common style guide.However, we'll also offer some resources at the end of this article that discuss some of the variations in title case, based on the rules of other style guides.I know a professor who had a student tell him that capitalization is not standardized, so she was going to lowercase the word “Nazi” because she it found offensive to do otherwise.Even worse, I have been noticing recently that willy-nilly use of upper- and lowercase letters is pretty common, although it is far from correct.The rules outlined above are the usual conventions when it comes to title case capitalization rules, but make sure that you check the specific style guide that you are using.In addition to formatting, many style guides have established their own rules for the proper use of title case.(An aside to Those of You tempted to capitalize things for Emphasis: Don’t do It.) However, there are some nit-picky details to remember when dealing with differences among the style guides.AP, MLA, Chicago, and APA mostly agree on these basic rules, but there are certain words and expressions over which they do not.(There are some exceptions to this rule, but we'll get to that a bit later.) In this example, can act as either prepositions or adverbs.) When does a preposition function as an adverb, you ask?A good way to determine this is to identify the part of speech of the term following the word that you are unsure about.


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