Michelangelo Essay

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He was appointed by the Pope to work his magic in high-powered buildings and in popular European domains.

Michelangelo positively influenced the world through his art in religion, architecture, and revolutionizing art techniques.

The Sistine Chapel is a remarkable sight due to the interior that shows faith in God as an empowerment that will save you.

The people who pass the ceiling are massively affected, “It is a sublime sight.

Michelangelo explains a very crucial story in his painting.

He sends a precious message in his fresco, the creation of Adam and Eve who were the beginning of human interaction.Michelangelo created beautiful paintings relating to stories in the Bible and furthering people’s beliefs as they could visualize the stories and were influenced into Christianity.Michelangelo painted across the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel depicting significant stories of the Bible creating an immense impact on the people of Rome.When Michelangelo painted the images across the Sistine Chapel, he was representing the general faith that emerged during the time of the Renaissance.It was an important factor to the European’s lives as religion was becoming an important part of their lives.Not only does Michelangelo display stories of the Bible, but he portrays his own message as a big picture.He shows viewers how the world is full of sin and wrath, displayed by harsh characters and scenes.This fortissimo [great strength] of movement which develops in a crescendo of waves towards the back of the chapel, gripping the spectator who, even before he has grasped it’s meaning, feels the sensuous [appealing to the senses] thrill of annihilation in a higher world…The style is a personal one which Michelangelo has developed from that of the High Renaissance” (Lace 59).During the time of the Renaissance, religion and art were emerging.Michelangelo created his masterpiece at a time where people wanted more insight into religion so when he painted the ceiling, it was very captivating.


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