Methods In A Research Paper

Methods In A Research Paper-70
This strategy helps students focus on the research question rather than on all the other interestingyet irrelevantfacts that they will find in the course of their research.

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Briefly discuss how this research paper works to answer the question, Pass out copies of the Research Paper Scaffold.

Explain to students that the procedures involved in writing a research paper follow in order, and each section of the scaffold builds upon the previous one.

Introduce the characteristics of a good research question.

Explain that in a broad area such as political science, psychology, geography, or economics, a good question needs to focus on a particular controversy or perspective.

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Student Objectives Session 1: Research Question Session 2: Literature Review Search Session 3: Literature Review Notes Session 4: Analysis Session 5: Original Research Session 6: Results (optional) Session 7: Conclusion Session 8: References and Writing Final Draft Student Assessment/Reflections Students will Distribute copies of the Example Research Paper Scaffold and Example Student Research Paper, and read the model aloud with students.Using these types of resources will help to ensure that students find relevant and appropriate information.Using Internet search engines such as Google can be overwhelming to beginning researchers.back to top Prior to this session, you may want to introduce or review Internet search techniques using the lesson Inquiry on the Internet: Evaluating Web Pages for a Class Collection.You may also wish to consult with the school librarian regarding subscription databases designed specifically for student research, which may be available through the school or public library.Provide examples of abstracts and scholarly articles so students can recognize that abstracts do not contain all the information found in the article, and should not be cited unless the full article has been read.Emphasize that students need to find articles from at least five different reliable sources that provide clues to answering their research question.Internet articles need to be printed out, and articles from print sources need to be photocopied.Each article used on the Research Paper Scaffold needs to yield several relevant facts, so students may need to collect more than five articles to have adequate sources.Explain that the next section, the Hook, should You should approve students final research questions before Session 2.You may also wish to send home the Permission Form with students, to make parents aware of their childs research topic and the project due dates.


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