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Data were gathered through an online survey of RUB faculty (n=206) and semi-structured interviews with the college Presidents (n=5), and Deans of Research and Industrial Linkages (n=8).Findings show that improvement continues but that many challenges remain including some that have been identified earlier.

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As in other parts of the world, style has primarily been used as a dating method in Norwegian rock art research.

In combination with shoreline dating researchers developed a...

more This article focuses on the practice of gaining visibility of Southern European grassroots organisations.

By applying a media in practice approach, I ground my theoretical foundations on the notion of constitutive entanglement, which is based on the idea that each practice is inextricably composed of three defining pillars: the social, the material and the symbolic.

After the 1990, the broader field of sociolinguistics began to shift its focus from the correlation of demographic categories with sociolinguistic variables at the level of the speech community to the explanation of social meaning as created by individuals’ use of language variation patterns, designated as a shift to a third wave of sociolinguistics.

In this shift, there is less focus on dialects as geographically anchored entities, but there is also an opportunity to foster dialectology to account for individuals’ patterns within dialects.This paper illustrates how the traditional dialectology methods can be used to establish “third wave dialectology”.An account is offered here of the analytic perspective and procedures for generating, segmenting and transcribing interactional data employed and developed during more than a decade of applied linguistic research within the Social...An interesting characteristic of central Norway is the meeting between the Northern and the Southern Traditions.In this region, the different traditions coexist not just in this macro-perspective, but also side by side at the same sites – occasionally even at the same panels.Suggestions for further improvement and research are presented.This chapter focuses on the concept of style in rock art.Drawing on this theoretical framework, the article aims to answer the following three research questions: What are the main traits that characterise the practice of gaining visibility of grassroots political actors in Southern European countries?Do extraordinary events alter the practice of gaining visibility performed in ordinary times, and if so, how? Data comprise 45 qualitative interviews conducted with some of the main Greek, Italian and Spanish grassroots organisations that are engaged in two contentious issues: political corruption and temporary employment.Therefore generation, segmentation and transcription of talk-in-interaction are considered integral steps of analysis in and of themselves.Proposals for multimodal transcription are highlighted, and the importance of training in data analysis sessions is emphasized.


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