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Primary data is gathered to achieve the outlined purpose.

For the firm employing the mix of competitive pricing, discounting and bundling, the sales volume increase was marginal, despite the overall positive dynamics of online electronics sales in the UK over the past year. To view the full Dissertation click here The current research project aims to investigate into the relationship between the social media presence and brand trust of Cadbury, a UK-based confectionary company.

Primary quantitative data is obtained to achieve this aim.

This process refers to the management of a product through all stages from inception, primary sales period and decline, and can be a lengthy process, particularly in industries where the early stages of research and development are long (Stark, 2015).

The rationale for adopting this approach is that as Prajapati (2013) note, when a product’s lifecycle is extended, there is competitive edge, and improved management of resources.

The survey method was employed for primary data collection.

73 usable questionnaires were collected from the employees of Hyundai’s branch in the UK. To view the full Dissertation click here The constant changes in the external environment and disruptive innovation trends have severely undermined the relevance of such theories as Lewin’s 3-Stage Model of Change (Hossan, 2015, p.53).

A statistically significant link between motivation and individual performance is identified.

Generalisability is considered as the main limitation of this study. To view the full Dissertation click here This project attempts to examine the impact of supply chain risk on organisational performance in the context of the UK manufacturing sector.

In the US, 69% of personal care companies failed to regularly update their websites and 12% did not remove out-of-date promotions (Miguel, 2014, p. This dissertation aims at testing on whether the situation in the UK beauty industry is better and if their social media strategies are generally effective in reaching customers. To view the full dissertation click here The aim of the present paper is to assess whether mergers and acquisitions (M&A) create value.

For this purpose, a sample of 30 largest M&A deals in the UK is investigated.


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