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This is very uncomfortable, so he gets no rest at all. At breakfast, a few stray scraps of hat material are still stuck to Mr. Matilda helpfully informs him that he looks like he has lice.His tossing and turning disturbs his wife, who shouts at him for making so much noise. By the end of this adventure, Matilda decides that it was “a satisfactory exercise.” However, she does not really think that her father has learned “a permanent lesson.” The Ghost The experience with the hat embarrasses Mr.

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He glances at Matilda suspiciously, but he does not really think that a five-year-old girl could have played such a dirty trick.

Matilda is thrilled by her father's embarrassment, but she acts as innocent as possible.

He tells her that his business buys her food and puts a roof over her head.

He calls her “an ignorant little squirt,” and her mother agrees. Wormwood orders Matilda never to talk back to her father again.

Soon the little girl is devouring a steady stream of classic novels. According to him, all you have to do is mix a little sawdust in with the oil.

Matilda's newfound reading habit makes her happier than ever before. That makes the engine sound “sweet as a nut.” When Matilda asks how long it takes the clanking to start again, her father says it lasts “long enough.” In other words, it lasts until after the customers pay for the cars.

What is okay is when parents insist on telling the rest of the world how great their children are.

Because of this, Dahl thinks it would be fun to be a teacher.

Matilda is five years old now, so she is not old enough to run away and live on her own.

She is stuck with her family, and she has to find a way to make life bearable.


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