Mandatory Volunteering Persuasive Essay

Mandatory Volunteering Persuasive Essay-3
By forcing students to do community service, school officials are essentially doing the equivalent of the mandatory system practiced in penitentiaries across the nation.

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Also, students can apply what they have learned in school to helping other people in real-life situations.

Students benefit from exposure to diversity and become more socially and personal responsible when they are involved in community service.

It also serves as a symbiotic relationship between the volunteer and the recipient.

This can be attributed to the fact that participation in community service simultaneously helps diversify an individual's college application while providing free, beneficial services to the recipient.

There are certainly benefits to mandatory community service work, but there are also drawbacks.

The benefits of a community service project extend far beyond the walls of the school.C have noticed this trend and as a result have made it a mandatory graduation requirement.Some politicians in New York City are pushing for the city's school system to follow suit though the Board of Ed has refused to do so.There is also a sense of social resposiblity that is gained from community service projects.Students who learn to give back to their community may feel compelled to continue their project even after they graduate from high school. Ryan’s cognitive evaluation theory study done in 1985, when students or any individuals perceive that they are being controlled externally, the natural human response is to lose enthusiasm for the project and toward the behaviors that are being promoted.Students can benefit from community service learning.One reason schools have introduced this type of program is that volunteer work leads to academic gains.Service learning is linked to better scores on state-mandated tests.When a student goes to school full time, is involved in extracurricular activities and also works, the time that is needed to participate in a community service project may place quite a burden on the student.Self-esteem and self-worth improve and the students become more politically aware and active.Cognitive skills improve because the students learn problem-solving techniques.


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