Male Marginalization Thesis

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In addressing the topic Male Marginalisation Revisited: The Case of Barbados, I am not going to expand statistical evidence highlighting aspects related to the phenomenon of male marginalisation such as: While, in 1986 these data were challenged on the basis that the methodology employed in their compilation and collation was faulty, they have been confirmed by so many other sources since then, and in so many other settings than Jamaica, that they are no longer in question.

The focus therefore of this lecture will not be adding to the log of supporting empirical evidence, but rather on the explanation of these data.

What is new is its forms of expression in the contemporary circumstances of modern society.

I will employ both the history of Barbados and theory to support these positions.

While definitions seldom capture the complexity of the phenomena they seek to describe, they are useful in setting the parameters of the discourse and of establishing common meaning between those engaged in dialogue.

Male Marginalization Thesis

Given the widely different approaches that have been adopted towards the conceptualization of both patriarchy and gender, it is necessary to set out as precisely as possible the ways in which these are conceived in this Lecture.

I therefore welcome the opportunity afforded me by the History Department here at Cave Hill to deliver this lecture in the Gender in Society Series.

Indeed, it was historians on the Mona Campus that first acknowledged that the documentation presented was sound.

It is now almost fourteen years from April 30th, 1986; when, I had the great honor to deliver the first Aubrey Phillips Memorial Lecture on the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies as a tribute to my late mentor and colleague, Professor Aubrey Phillips.

The subject and the title of that lecture was the Marginalisation of the Black Male.


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