Literature Review On Effective Leadership Styles

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However, systematic literature research is also widely used in social sciences [18].“A systematic literature review is the process of systematically locating, valuing and synthesizing research results, obtained with scientific research, to obtain a reliable analysis and overview” ([17], p. The systematic review process generally comprises five steps: the development of a protocol to guide the review, screening or inclusion criteria, quality appraisal, data extraction, and synthesis [19].

This explorative research describes a systematic literature review to give a general overview of the types of leadership discussed in the literature in the time period between March 2013 and March 2018.

In total 658 different types of leadership were mentioned in 380 analyzed articles.

The only selection criteria for the articles is that leadership is mentioned in the title.

The articles are selected from the first options the catalogue gave and so on.

Yukl [5] defines transformational leaders as leaders with an appealing vision for their team and they intellectually stimulate others in a way that is demanding and appreciative of the individual needs of the team members, incorporating the four elements of Bass [3] in the definition.

Transactional leaders exert influence on followers based on exchanging benefits, this can be internal or external motivators, and respond to their self-interests when they achieve defined goals [3].The most discussed model of leadership is the theory of Bass [3] who describes transformational, transactional and laissez-faire leadership in a model.Transforming and transactional leadership were first discussed by Burns [4] and a few years later Bass [3] extended the theory of Burns [4].Transactional leadership included two components: contingent reward and management-by-extinction [3].Often the transactional leadership style is contrasted to the transformational leadership style [2]. In contrary to transformational and transactional leadership, Bass [3] defined leaders who do not take charge of their leadership as passive or laissez-faire leaders.Shared leadership encompasses other leadership styles and provides a way of organizing them [12].An overview of these leadership theories is mentioned in Table 1.The research method is a systematic literature review.Systematic literature reviews started in the medical sciences and were developed because of a need to describe objective, generalizable and reliable data from literature on the application of medicine and treatment methods [17].There for the research question is: What types of leadership have been described in scientific literature between March 2013 and March 2018? Methodology This study is an explorative study into the different types of leadership described in literature in the past five years.As the research question is broad, this is an explorative study, which is a starting point from which other research can be build [16].


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