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Life Goal Essay-2
Setting goals gives me long-term and short-term motivation.

I also have more space being able to learn on my own time.

Education is another important aspect of succeeding in life.

If someone did this they would probably get fired or their pay would not be very high. I will need that I love my job and I love what I am doing. I am not saying that I need to be making millions but I want enough so I can help support my family. My job will help me buy a home, pay health insurance, and other things I need for my family. My first goal is to live where I have always dreamed to live, Atlanta. If I grow up to be a lawyer, which is another one of my goals, I think I would get enough money to buy at least one of these cars at some point of time in my life.

My main goal in the money is to keep, my family happy.

By setting goals and continually reminding myself of them, I feel as though I work harder to achieve my goals.

To succeed, I believe setting goals is very important.I also want to offer them a nice place to live, in a good neighborhood, which we have now lived with my...A person needs to achieve certain goals in one's life before you can call them successful. I have set certain goals I would like to achieve in my lifetime. Personal Goals I believe that the first step towards setting and achieving personal goals is that you must realize you have to prepare for the future and not wait for it to happen. Setting goals has forced me to take a look at my values. Then I started to think about my immediate and long-term future and started to set some personal goals.My mother has always taught me about the importance of family and its value.I love my two children, and as I mentioned, I want them to have the best in life.Another one of my goals is to become some type of engineer.But as of right now I would like to be a aerospace engineer.I have fixed many goals for myself, some of them I have accomplished but many of them I am still working on.One goal I have is to become more focused and better organized in my learning environment.To maintain a good job that will make good money will require me to go thorough schooling or training and maybe even both. Because of their deadlines however, many times I place higher priorities on the short-term goals while they are still less important than my long-term goals. My long-term goals are my ultimate aspirations, the college I want to go to, my desired profession, etc..Education is the first and foremost way to become successful, because the job I will choose will need me go to school and maybe even beyond college. My happiness in what I do is also a goal for me I my life. I place a very high priority on these goals, because my success in the achievement of these goals will determine my happiness in the future. Perhaps my ultimate goal, like that of many others, is a long-term pursuit of happiness. Because I know, that a little taste of happiness now, will keep me working towards happine...


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