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The project is based on the popular 1950s radio series of the same name hosted by Edward R. We may never know the long-term effects of doing good deeds or cheering up a stranger with a small act of kindness. Now, college professor Sarah Adams tells us why her life philosophy is built around being cool to the pizza delivery dude. Tony Hawk has turned what many consider a childhood activity into a professional career.Whether spontaneous or planned, acts of kindness can be contagious and set off chain reactions of more people being kind to one another. Now for Hawk, skateboarding is not only a job, it’s a means of expression and a foundation for personal belief. To be “The Greatest of All Time,” boxing legend Muhammad Ali said you have to believe in yourself.

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They are values he tried to model for his children and future generations of Americans. In stating his personal credo, Jillette finds liberation in believing there is no God. Like the 1960s movement, Abdur-Rahman believes black is beautiful and not a condition she should have to rise above. Nobel Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein found beauty in life’s mysteries, and says the fate of mankind depends on individuals choosing public service over private gain. Delia Motavalli has grown up watching movies about fairy tales and princesses.

But after she received a piece of advice from her mother, Delia has come to realize her own definition of “happily ever after.” Click here to read her essay.

Click here to read this selection of essays about life lessons learned from strangers.

Sometimes a goodbye is a casual comment to a colleague we’ll see tomorrow.

Click here to learn what our essayists discovered out in nature. Is it the attainment of the latest gadgets or a new, bigger car?

How about getting a raise at work or winning the lottery? Click here to read how these essayists feel about finding happiness with what they have.

Click here to learn what these Chinese students believe. The celebration of quinceañera is a tradition among people of Latin American heritage that marks a 15-year-old girl’s transition from childhood to womanhood.

The festivities can include a religious ceremony, elaborate gowns and tuxedoes, a lavish party, and a special dance of the quinceañera and her court.

Click here to read how these essayists have been inspired by saying goodbye.

In the heated debates over political policy, it’s easy to forget that America is largely a nation of immigrants.


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