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Considered to be a gateway drug and the reason for the downfall of our youth nowadays, marijuana has developed a negative reputation.Lester Grinspoon, a professor at Harvard University, states, “Few drugs in the United States have produced as much affective heat as marijuana, particularly during the last decade....The government has made it seem like the marijuana plant is a drug that has no good use and is bad for the people. It should be legalized for 3 main reasons: It is safer than other substances that our legal, it could help with a wide range of different medical conditions,and it could be very beneficial and help the economy and industry....

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Some names that it is called a joint, nail, pot, Mary Jane, hive, etc. [tags: Marijuana, legalizing Marijuana, ] - All Americans have their ideas on legalizing marijuana, yet they need to make sure they have done substantial research using past experiences the American people have already experienced from using this drug; also they need to take a good look into what the actual outcomes are of smoking marijuana, before making a final decision on whether or not to legalize marijuana for medical purposes or any other reason.

Americans will look at health and social issues as well as review money matters concerning legalizing marijuana and realize it is not right for the United States ....

Marijuana is being criticized by people that never studied the drug or even know about the medicinal benefits from the drug.

Over the years, marijuana has been called a gateway drug to harder narcotics, but this isn’t the case.

Many assume that the usage of marijuana, or cannabis, is dangerous, but it can be the exact opposite.

So why is the legalization of marijuana in the United States such a problem for many people today.

Although it is still illegal to possess or use for any means by federal law, states like California and Arizona have taken steps in the other direction.

The first known marijuana user dates all the way back to 2737 B. when Chinese Emperor Shen Nung wrote of the incredible euphoria he feels, and what he experiences after smoking marijuana (Guither). [tags: Health, Marijuana] - How many more times are you going to be lied to by the government. Marijuana has so many reasons why it should be legal.

Therefore, prohibiting it intrudes on personal freedom....

[tags: Marijuana Legalization] - Marijuana, a substance that was used frequently during the colonial times, has taken a social downfall in recent times.


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