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In other words, I usually prefer to learn by doing it myself or with the guidance of others.As expected, I came about with the result “kinesthetic learner” which I think is very true according to my previous learning experiences.

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If they should take down notes, they are likely to associate them with concrete examples because abstract concepts might confuse them.

Based on these descriptions, I could say that I am strongly inclined with kinesthetic learning. Questionnaire Nilson said that the VARK (visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic) learning style assessment emphasizes on learning styles that utilize an individual’s senses (sight, touch, hearing).

The learning environment should be accommodating to all types of learners. Critical thinking is a common theme in education which involves.....information, that I keep closely to the syllabus provided by the lecturers and do not follow up interest of my own.

Learning should not be exclusive for a specific type of learners but an opportunity for everyone. At this point I wanted to know more, so because a discussion on learning styles is a component of this Learning Journal, I decided to spend time researching learning styles and strategies.

According to the descriptions, multi-sensory approach in teaching would be beneficial to kinesthetic learners.

Activities which would require outdoor experiences are basically effective in learning retention of these types of learners.According to Willingham (2010), “kinesthetic learners like to manipulate objects physically” which calls for actual involvement in the activity.Through this definition, we can assume that a kinesthetic learners use all their senses to comprehend information.To prove the complexity of a person’s learning behavior, objective observations should be kept all the time.Consider these two types of learners: one who is always seen on his desk and reading course materials and a learner who seem not to pay attention but still get the same average with that of the previous type of learner mentioned.I find actual engagement on the activities very interesting and comprehensive that I easily grasp the concepts which our teacher wants us to learn.In lecture discussions, real life situations would really provoke my thinking and awaken my interest rather than the usual chalk-talk traditional teachers make.For me, I would not change any of my study habits because I know I am doing the strategies best for my learning style. Running Head: LEARNING STYLE Learning Style And Theory [The [The of the Learning Style And Theory 1.Conclusion An every day challenge for any instructor is to match his teaching style to the varied learning styles of his students. Importance Of Evaluation And Contribution Of Training And Development To A Business As evidenced by stakeholder theory, in such collective learning processes actors within the firm work together internally as well as with actors in the related external networks in the production and consumption system as a whole.Providing a clear connection between abstract thoughts and tangible situations is very important for Kinesthetic learners like me.John Dewey’s “learning-by-doing” summarizes what kinesthetic learning style is all about (Malone, 2003).


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