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Do not make conclusory statements about yourself like, “I’ve always been very hardworking” or “I have the ambition to excel” or “I really want to help people.” Rather, show the reader an example of your hardworking nature – tell the story of how you single-handedly reorganized the stock room into an efficient operation at your otherwise boring summer job.

Relate your experiences tutoring underprivileged junior high students.

This particular error can occur very easily if you are using and editing a boilerplate statement, and it very definitely irks admissions officers.

Don’t forget that spell check will not catch everything: trial and trail are both spelled correctly, but mean very different things.

Let the reader see not just what you went through, but the insights or transformations the experience inspired in you.

Get feedback on early drafts Don’t wait until your personal statement is polished and almost ready to submit before you show it to anyone else.

Admissions officials really do want to create an interesting and diverse incoming class.

They know how much students learn from one another during the three years of law school, and deeply appreciate the value of having a range of different experiences, backgrounds and perspectives in the law school mix.

Use a basic, readable font in a normal size (12 is usually best, but many schools explicitly allow for 11).

Even though most personal statements are read on screens these days, your readers will nonetheless expect one-inch margins and double-spaced lines.


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