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(iii) Step 3, (i) and 3 (ii) are repeated till all the zeros are either marked or crossed out.Now, if the number of marked zeros or the assignments made are equal to number of rows or columns, optimum solution has been achieved. At this stage, draw the minimum number of lines (horizontal and vertical) necessary to cover all zeros in the matrix obtained in step 3, Following procedure is adopted: (i) Tick mark () all rows that do not have any assignment.There will be exactly single assignment in each or columns without any assignment. (ii) Now tick mark() all these columns that have zero in the tick marked rows.

(iii) Step 3, (i) and 3 (ii) are repeated till all the zeros are either marked or crossed out.

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The course covers many areas which include political regimes, human rights, political culture, political participation and public policy.

This research guide points to articles, databases, journals, and resources relevant for Political Science and Policy Studies.

Late Penalties: Essays (either the hard copy or the Turnitin submission) which are late will receive a 3% penalty per calendar day.

Introduction to Political and Policy Studies POSC 003 covers the basic concepts and theoretical approaches in the study of power and its practice.

It should provide some background information on the specific problem or issue you are addressing, and should clearly outline your answer.

Depending on your faculty or school, ‘your answer’ may be referred to as your .Though there problems can be solved by simplex method or by transportation method but assignment model gives a simpler approach for these problems.In a factory, a supervisor may have six workers available and six jobs to fire. Suppose there are n facilitates and n jobs it is clear that in this case, there will be n assignments.Assignment is made to this single zero by putting square □ around it and in the corresponding column, all other zeros are crossed out (x) because these will not be used to make any other assignment in this column. (ii) Step 3 (i) in now performed on the columns as follow:- columns are examined successively till a column with exactly one zero is found.Now , assignment is made to this single zero by putting the square around it and at the same time, all other zeros in the corresponding rows are crossed out (x) step is conducted for each column.The total assignment cost will be given by The above definition can be developed into mathematical model as follows: Determine x is either zero or one.Consider the objective function of minimization type.Starting from first column locate the smallest cost element in each column.Now subtract this smallest element from each element of that column.Following steps are involved in solving this Assignment problem, 1.Locate the smallest cost element in each row of the given cost table starting with the first row.


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