Interpretation Of An Essay On Man

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He taught at the Universities of Berlin and’ Hamburg until his departure from Germany in 1932 to accept an appointment at Oxford.

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I have had to content myself with citing those authors to whom I myself feel most indebted and with selecting those examples that seemed to me to be of typical significance and of para- mount philosophical interest. Hendel I wish to expiess my feeling of deep gratitude lo the man who, with indefati- gable zeal, helped me to prepare this book, He was the first to whom I spoke about its general plan.

Without his keen interest in the subject matter of the book and his friendly personal interest in its author I should hardly have found the courage to publish it.

Ernst Cassirer was born in Breslau on July 28, 1874.

Upon graduation from the University of Berlin, he con- tinued his studies in philosophy at the University of Marburg.

He has read the manuscript several times, and I have always been able to accept his critical suggestions. The dedication has, however, not only a personal but also a "symbolic 1 ’ meaning.

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By dedicating this book to the Chair- man of the Department of Philosophy and to the Director of Graduate Studies at Yale University I wish to expiess to the Department itself my cordial thanks.

But I have tried at least to give ample and detailed quotations from the standard works on the vari- ous subjects.

What the reader will find is not at all a complete bibliography-even the titles of such a bibliography would have far exceeded the space that has been allowed me.

The last year of his life was spent as a visit- ing professor at Columbia University. Cassirer's first works were in the field of epistemology.

By 1904, he had completed the first two volumes of his monumental four-volume history of epistemology, The Problem of Knowledge, the final volume of which was in the process of translation at the time of his death.


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