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True, many Americans feel that they personally have not recovered from the Great Recession. That frustration often leads some to believe that the solution is to drastically reduce the number of immigrants we allow annually into the U. They also want to reduce the current undocumented population through stronger interior enforcement and deportation efforts.

And wage growth is tepid, while millennials are predicted to be the first generation in U. The frustration may be real, but immigrants are not the source of the problem. Take-home pay may have grown at a paltry rate since the 2008 financial crisis, but economic studies of the effect of immigrants on wages show an incredibly modest negative effect on low-wage workers in the short run only.

Immigrant-owned businesses with employees other than the owner employ, on average, 11 additional workers.

Of course, the common misperception is that immigrants do take away jobs.

It is easy to laugh at his prediction today: Germans are America’s largest ethnic group.

All of these citizens, presumably, are as American as their neighbors of other origins.While the Declaration of Independence argued for the American colonies’ right to populate through immigration, Benjamin Franklin expressed misgivings about the German immigrants to Pennsylvania.He complained that they would never assimilate to the culture and customs established by the English colonists.Don’t blame the economy Animosity toward immigrants and anxiety about immigration levels correspond particularly to two phenomena: politicians discussing immigration in negative terms, or a poor economic outlook. Unfortunately, negative statements continue, increasing public anxiety that eventually gets released against immigrants.The culprit couldn’t be the economy because it strengthened significantly in 2017. to blame, especially if we feel that no one else is below us on the economic ladder.A new worker..not need to displace a currently-employed worker in order to find a position.And immigrants aren’t driving the budget deficit Another common myth is that immigrants put a strain on the federal budget. Immigrants are not the strain on the federal budget they are made out to be.As Americans grow in their unease about the economy and their communities, immigrants become a lightning rod.Despite studies that show that a flow of workers into the country helps the economy, immigrants often face the blame for what ails our society.This only adds to the anguish over losing a job and promotes fear and hostility to immigrant labor. A new worker like an immigrant who enters the labor market does not need to displace a currently-employed worker in order to find a position.In fact, immigrants often are not perfect substitutes for native-born American workers and are therefore not competing directly with each other for the same positions.


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