How Will Be The World In The Future Essay

How Will Be The World In The Future Essay-3
We are becoming more independent and less constrained by the old social norms.

We are becoming more independent and less constrained by the old social norms.

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The world in 2035 will probably be much like it is today, but smarter and more automatic.

Some innovations we might not notice, while others will knock us sideways, changing our lives forever.

What it could be like: The internet has forever changed the way people meet and fall in love.

Online dating and location-based services such as Vine, Snapchat and Grindr have opened up possibilities that allow people to look beyond their immediate friends, friends of friends, and co-workers.

What it won’t be like: The scene in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) where Violet Beauregarde has a three-course roast dinner in a stick of chewing gum.

What it could be like: In an article for Time*, Google’s Ray Kurzweil says: ‘The next major food revolution will be vertical agriculture in which we grow food in AI-controlled vertical buildings rather than horizontal land: hydroponic plants for fruits and vegetables and in-vitro cloned meat.’ This change is already happening.Using these numbers, companies will be able to build a model of your overall health that can predict future problems.Being forewarned, patients will be able to take action early, changing lifestyle habits or taking designer drugs tailored to their individual DNA. ‘Telehealth platforms will make in-home patient monitoring the norm for those who need it,’ Dr Sarah Dods, health services research theme leader at CSIRO, wrote for the CSIRO*****.There were no touch screen phones or flat screen TVs; people laughed at the idea of reading electronic books, and watching a home movie meant loading a clunky cassette into your VCR. What does the future hold for the food we eat, the technology we use and the homes we live in?It would be tempting to roll out the clichés – food pills, flying cars and bases on the moon – but the reality will probably be less exciting.No wonder future healthcare strategies will try to keep people out of them.Prevention is likely to become the focus as we gain greater control of our health information, using self-monitoring biosensors and smart watches to continuously gather fitness data; web apps will crunch the data, syncing to electronic health records.We’re already seeing a shift in the definition of work: it’s now a task you perform, not a place you go to. In MYOB’s report The Future of Business – Australia 2040***, chief technology officer Simon Raik-Allen suggests we will see a return to more vibrant local communities as people work within walking distance of their homes.Productivity is no longer measured by sitting at a desk. ‘Rather than the office, or even the remote workspace, localised centres will emerge as the home of business – giant warehouses, which are used by employees from many different companies, spread around the globe…Green Spirit Farms grows kale, spinach and other greens under LED lights in an old plastics factory near Chicago.Vertical farming, genetically modified (GM) crops and synthetic meat will be responses to the growing need for greater food efficiency as populations continue to grow.


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