How To Assign Ip Address In Windows

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This screen gives the option to configure a number of different network parameters.

Since we want to change the interface IPv4 IP address this option must be selected from the window.

Be advised that Windows 10 is a constantly changing system.

As the time goes on the configuration settings and applets are being migrated from the deprecated Control Panel to the modern Settings app.

When this icon is right-clicked the option to open the Network and Sharing Center is given as shown below: Once the Network and Sharing Center is open there is an option which allows the change of adapter settings which is shown in the upper left hand corner of the window.

This is shown highlighted in the following figure (click on the image to enlarge): Once in the Network Connections window, an interface must be selected which is going to be configured with the static IP address.In the following example, both a wired and wireless interface are shown as examples.For the purposes of this article the wired interface will be used as the interface being given a static IP Address.DHCP is basically a system whereby a host, like a router or server, gives out IP addresses to devices so that they can communicate with the host and with each other over the network.Each device on the network has to have a unique IP address.In this case it is also called a static IP-address.The simplest example when you may need to do it – while you are configuring your router or access point itself. We will show the process on Windows 10 version 1803.The knowledge of static IP configuration is vital in modern organizational environments as many do not completely utilize automatic IP assignment; it is also vital knowledge when trying to troubleshoot IPv4.If you're still running a Vista system, here's where you can learn how to configure an IP address in Windows Vista.By right-clicking on the correct interface a sub-menu is shown; from this menu select the properties option.Once the properties option is selected the interface properties windows will be displayed.


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