How Do I Write A Will

Once you’ve made a will, pay close attention to how it becomes binding, especially if you use a digital service.

Some services, like Willing, offer an e-signing option, where the will can be notarized and signed entirely online. ) Otherwise, you may need to print it out and sign it in front of a notary. Some families like to keep a hard copy in a safety deposit box, while others store it digitally.

Fact: Creating a will likely won’t be as much fun as putting together a baby registry.

But it just may be a more essential step on the road to becoming parents. There’s no wrong time to write one, and writing a will as soon as possible, once you have kids, can help make sure your children will be provided and cared for exactly how you wish in case you or your partner were to die.

Willing—the world’s number one estate planning site—has estate planning packages that begin at $69 and offer documents including a last will and testament (which includes naming guardians and naming the executor of the will), a living will, a durable power of attorney, a transfer on death deed and a revocable trust.

You don’t need a lawyer to review your documents before submitting them—instead, the online will software guides you through every step of the process.

The conversations and thought processes surrounding making a will are the hard part.

Now comes the easy part: Creating a legally binding will.

Before writing a will, it’s important to have a few key conversations (which may be ongoing) with your partner to go over your assets, your wishes, your hopes for your children and your preferences surrounding healthcare.

While these topics may sound heavy for a Friday night date night, these discussions can prove invaluable and help ensure you’re on the same page, both for the future and for right now.


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