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Think about which writing style can help best express your thoughts clearly.Not necessarily, but most applicants do choose to write on a relevant topic. Because most applicants select an area that they already have some experience or knowledge about the topic.

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Luckily she happened to be a marriage and family therapist and not one of the conversion variety.

She congratulated me and then asked me how being gay had affected my academics. I stammered out something about how concealing my being gay had been stressful and made it hard to concentrate. Once while taking a calculus test (yes, my STEM friends, I once knew integration by parts and u-substitution), I was indeed preoccupied, not directly by being gay but by my anguish over someone who perhaps served as a symbol for all my internalized homophobia.

I am glad that I didn’t write my essay about pining after a self-identifying straight male, even if he did send me a whole rainbow of mixed signals.

College applicants should use their essays to demonstrate their maturity, not to write hackneyed sob stories indicating that they possess the emotional intelligence of a seventh grader with an unrequited crush.

In a passcode-locked app on my phone, I had compiled phrases that began to describe how the metaphorical closet felt.

I wanted desperately to put pen (ha) to paper and explain how I felt like a formaldehyde-preserved frog — puffed up on the outside, trapped in a disguise, not fully alive.

“I refuse to relive the stress of the college admissions process ever again.” Notwithstanding the chronic disappointment of searching for an empty cubicle on C-level on a Sunday night to be met only with seats saved by crusty Jan Sport backpacks, fortunately I am truly enjoying being a student at Hopkins.

Never would I ever shed my elite azure wings and vacate the Hopkins nest. Admittedly, however, it ruffled those very feathers slightly when I saw on Facebook in early December that someone from my high school had been accepted Early Decision to the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), from where I had first been deferred and now (thankfully) rejected.

friend told me recently that someone she knew was applying to transfer out of Hopkins.

“Even if I absolutely fucking hated it here, I don’t think I’d ever transfer,” I said to her.


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