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However, many other factors were the causes of the decline of this Civilization.For example, the influx of another culture, a land depleted of natural resources, Natural disasters and attacks from many other Civilizations all lead ‘The reforms of Alexander II weakened the Tsarist regime’, explain why you agree or disagree with this view.

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Never has there been more finance, more resources, and more meaningful conversations.Once you recognise how lucky you already are, the next step is to learn how to influence luck.You can coax it into your life and encourage it to show up.You influence your luck when you show up in places that are luckier, when you spend time with people who are luckier, when you learn ideas that produce luck, when you get crystal clear on your vision and when you begin having lucky conversations.Given the choice between doing another repetitive day at the office or going to an event that’s full of like-minded entrepreneurs and inspired industry leaders sharing their methodologies, I would choose the event. I don’t know who I’d meet, what I’d learn or what could come of it but I do know that there’s a good chance that something great will happen rather than sitting in the same office each day of the week working IN my business.The use of the word ‘most’ in the starting of the speech clearly shows that not everyone benefited from the policies he had out in place, in fact some people were left in a much worse condition as they were not able to enjoy all the benefits the majority of the people had available to them.Source 1 is simply a Title: Only the strongest and the fittest live in this world.(25 marks) While in reign Alexander II introduced many reforms into Russian life, hoping they’d play a key part and influence society positively.Nevertheless, the majority of the reforms weakened the Tsarist regime showing that planning was not effective, and that many of the ideas had been rushed, for example, the emancipation of the about the benefits it has for people, it would not discuss the limitations or the negative impact it may have had on the lives of some.People want to be able to create success the same way a chef makes a pie. They want to know what exactly to do in a step-by-step method.Unfortunately, a huge part of the recipe is that you have to be lucky.


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