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Greenpeace had an online petition to LEGO to sever its connection with Shell that was easy to sign and share, providing a low barrier to participation for people who might want to join the campaign but not to go out and engage in guerilla activities.

It was also easy to share and the progress was easily measured.

In one event, children built giant LEGO-block Arctic animals outside LEGO’s London headquarters. Environmental Marketing: A Source of Reputational, Competitive, and Financial Advantage.

When justifying the use of children in their campaign, Greenpeace stated: “Children love the Arctic, and its unique wildlife like polar bears, narwhals, walrus and many other species that are completely dependent on the Arctic sea ice.

Now a large international organisation, Greenpeace has several main branches of environmental activism and campaigning.

One of its major campaigns is ‘Save the Arctic’, which has been running for 15 years.

Often, visible metrics of success can further increase the likelihood of a viral campaign being shared wider as its credibility is established (Woerndl et al., 2008).

For example, the number of hits on a You Tube video can influence the likelihood of someone watching and sharing the video.

Currently, the campaign targets the oil company Shell, but throughout its history it has run targeted campaigns against a number of oil companies.

Increasingly, companies are coming under scrutiny for their environmental credibility as consumers become more aware of damaging practices and become more discerning with their purchasing power (Miles and Covin, 2000).


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