Goals And Interests Essay

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While I learn more about the process of filmmaking, I will do research on true stories that would make an impressive plot for a film.

My goal is to learn the process from the inside and find out about the practical side of the process.

I also consider the position of a runner on a film set as an acceptable entry position.

Self-awareness about your strengths and interests will help you refine what you want.

Your past experiences have likely informed your post-MBA plans.

You can also elaborate on short-term and long-term plans, however if they are unclear, honestly reveal only plans you are sure about.

This type of essay requires definite understanding of your profession and what you can achieve from pursuing it.

I started my research and found out that props, costumes, music, lighting, and camera angles altogether invoke emotions in the audience and keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

As I continued my self-education, I was deeply impressed by films inspired by true stories, such as Catch me if You Can and Hacksaw Ridge.

If you find writing a career goals essay challenging because you are not sure what exact plans you will pursue, it is not a problem – an essay is not set in stone and your plans can change over time.

Focus on your current perception of your plans rather than try to come up with a detailed plan for the long term.


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