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After all, the Universe is filled with countless phenomena we can't explain - and more are added to the list frequently.

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It is apparent at a glance that Einstein’s ideas are still going strong.

Thousands of papers published every year make reference to his progeny.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's break down what's going on here.

For anyone who's ever laid awake at 3 am wondering what the Universe is actually of, you are probably aware that the answer, to the best of our knowledge, is space-time.

The foundation of special institutes for gravitational research and of particular divisions of physical societies forms the final stage of this process of institutionalization.

At present, an institutionalization of research in relativistic gravitation has been achieved in Germany through a thriving topical section "Relativity and Gravitation" of the German Physical Society and a Max-Planck-Institute for Gravitational Physics.If they could confirm that, it might help give more weight to their latest theory.That's a long way off, but it's a pretty exciting starting point for further calculations and thought experiments.But as the soup settles and becomes more 'organised', structures begin to emerge."In fact, in our theory, these organised states correspond to subquantum waves, imposing how space and time behaves, giving rise to extreme cases, like the ones in entanglement and the tunnel effect," says Castro."As space-time different behaviours are, of course, signatures of gravity, you can now say that gravity is quantum."For now this is all purely theoretical, but the researchers are working on ways to test their ideas.One idea they have in mind involves the strange 'quantified' pattern seen in the placement of planets in our Solar System, which the researchers previously suggested hinted at the existence of stationary subquantum waves around our Sun.This is what gravity is.""In our proposal, space-time does not pre-exist, it is the result of a physical process by which the subquantum medium goes from a chaotic state to a more organised one."This subquantum medium is something that Castro describes as "a kind of primordial foam from where space-time itself emerges".You could think of it like a quantum miso soup: initially it's all stirred up, and nothing can be distinguished from the chaos.We then edited this list down to 61 keywords, each of which represents a research topic that has grown out of general relativity.The program then scanned ar Xiv’s relativity section to discover which of the 61 words were turning up most often in the research reports. Each incandescent colored dot stands for a paper that touches on at least one element of general relativity or its spin-offs [click on "Tour" for details on how to interpret the visualization].Specifically, OCR processed 2,435 abstracts of 2014 physics papers from the ar repository via a powerful text-analysis program incorporated into IBM’s Watson AI system.The software extracted keywords that turned up repeatedly in abstracts from a section of ar Xiv on general relativity and quantum cosmology.


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