Future Directions For Choice Research In Nursing A Discussion Paper

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Scholarship is guided by a multitude of innovative methods of inquiry that are informed through clinical practice with an aim of improving and transforming healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.Practice scholars apply and integrate evidence to and from clinical practice and conduct quality improvement using methodologies to improve care processes.The scholarship of practice is a critical component in shortening the theory to practice gap (Boyer, 1990).

was published in 1999, academic nursing leaders have been continually evaluating nursing education programs to ensure that they are preparing the next generation of nurses to meet the healthcare needs of the public.

Along with the need to determine what constitutes high quality education, the time is right to reconsider the role of the faculty in an increasingly complex learning environment where research, teaching, practice, and service are all of crucial importance.

Faculty engaged in academic nursing demonstrate a commitment to inquiry, generate new knowledge for the discipline, connect practice with education, and lead scholarly pursuits that improve health and health care (AACN, 2016a).

As the need for academic and clinical partnerships has intensified, so has the demand for doctoral education for advancing practice and nursing scholarship.

The scholarship of discovery or scientific inquiry takes the form of primary empirical research, analysis of large data sets, theory development and testing, methodological studies including implementation science, health services research, and philosophical inquiry and analysis.

Furthermore, the scholarship of discovery results in new knowledge, refines or expands existing knowledge, and is translatable into practice.

The paradigm shift to a broader definition ensures that academic nursing scholarship is at the highest level of scholarly endeavor.

As a practice discipline, nursing scholarship informs science, enhances clinical practice, influences policy, and impacts best practices for educating nurses as clinicians, scholars, and leaders.

Scholarship is inclusive of discovery, integration, application, and teaching (Boyer, 1999).

The hallmark attribute of scholarship is the cumulative impact of the scholar’s work on the field of nursing and health care.


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