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If you are a teacher, student or parent submit your funny exams for inclusion on the site.If the drawing on this test was to come to life , we would say the person who drew this deserves to finish first, just for that sweet and honest spelling mistake.This is the most literate answered test we’ve ever encountered. If there is one thing more annoying than math questions, are those questions asking to explain how you reached your answer.

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This is a classic example of how kids just see everything and they are so sincere that they don’t have any filters.

This girl’s mom sure would have hoped her daughter was a little less truthful about what goes on at home.

Student-teacher relationships can be a very sensitive topic in schools and it is definitely not something that is seen in a good light.

However, it is kind of funny that the student thought he would answer ‘no’ to a presumably date request.

This is so innocent, lovely and adorable that we think this kid should get the extra credit just for being so sweet.

His or her parents must have such a lovey dovey relationship that this is what they think about the world and about relationships. if we ignore the tiny bit of racism in this essay, we think this person couldn’t have nailed it any better.

At least this kid was honest about his financial deals at home. You know what, most chances this person will be dead in 100 years, so this question is wrong in so many ways to begin with.

They should rephrase it and perhaps ask ‘what would you look like in 60 years’?

Do you think someone is influenced by television shows?

When you think about, the Big Bang Theory really has become such an inseparable part of our lives that it could totally be counted as a legit answer on a test.


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