Fundamentals Of Critical Thinking

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Registered participants are also required to bring writing samples with them to class.Specifically, such writing samples should be from their staff members and include the participants “before-and-after” review comments and/or staff member drafts that the participants have yet to review.Specifically, participants will able to use the elements of reasoning; apply Socratic questioning; distinguish between problem solving and decision making; and detect logical fallacies.

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This advanced-level training program is one of three writing classes offered by the Academy. Learning Objectives: Participants will discover their own writing style and personal preferences.

Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its web site: This training program highlights the key aspects of the CIGIE Guide and is delivered to coincide with CIGIE’s approved audit peer review schedule.

Learning Objectives: Participants will learn how to conduct an external peer review using the CIGIE Audit Peer Review Guide as a reference.

Recommended Attendees: Registration is ONLY open to those CIGIE-member I&E staff directly involved in conducting a peer review of a CIGIE member or those receiving a review per the CIGIE I&E Peer Review Guide and peer review schedule.

Registration information will be sent to the identified OIG staff in advance of the training.


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