Fun Homework

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Cool Whip Words – Take a cookie sheet and spread cool whip all over it. Words in Words – Write down each spelling word, then write one word made from each word. See how many times you can write the spelling words in the time allotted.

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Create a Fortune Teller – Create a spelling word fortune teller out of paper and spell the word out loud.

Rainbow Words – Write each spelling word with a different color crayon or pencil.

When they get it correct, spell them the word you acted out.

Military Words – For each word that you spell, you must do a jumping jack or a push up.

Letters – Write your words as many times as there are letters in the word using a fancy pen.

Fun Homework

Colorful Words – Use two different colors to write the spelling words -- one color for the vowels and one color for the consonants.Many teachers like to use a Tic Tac Toe board as a means to help students practice their spelling words.On Monday, after you have taught students the new words for the week, you can send them home with spelling Tic Tac Toe. This is larger than a regular Tic Tac Toe board, because if you want students to practice spelling each night of the week for Friday’s test, then this will allow students to choose one task each night for four consecutive nights.To help add a little variety to your students’ regular spelling routine, we have come up with some incredibly fun new teaching strategies to make spelling homework a little less boring.Here are 25 creative and interactive teaching strategies to practice spelling words.As always, keep your family learning projects joyful, active, meaningful, and real. If you are an elementary school teacher, then you know all too well that spelling words are a huge part of your curriculum and teaching strategies.Then cut the letters up and scramble them to spell each word.Acting Out Words – Find a parent or a friend and act out each word.Computer Words – Type each spelling word on the computer using a different color and font.Finger Tracing – Use your finger to spell out each word one letter at a time on your mom or dad’s hand.


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