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It had been no more than 5 minutes and I was already enamored without meeting a soul or seeing anything other than the keyless glass doors of hope that would one day be my foil and the future bane of my collegiate existence.At the time, Full Sail’s “campus” was a vast modular community (not to be confused with Full Sail’s original “modular learning center” trailers) that spread for about a mile in both directions of the school.

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The Fish Bowl will act as your second home once you’ve made it past all of your novice classes it’s the place you want to be. Apple’s partnership with Full Started in 07, and I was one of the first people to get their late 07 Macbook Pros (the ones that were bullet proof) on the day of my orientation, and I’ve been Justin Long ever since.

The launch box puts everyone in your class at the same place, there’s a scholarship if you can’t pay the hefty $3000 price tag that basically everyone qualifies for.

When I got to Full Sail (which is nowhere near Orlando proper), I felt like I was in the future.

Most doors had no keyholes, they were all glass, and people were using cards to enter buildings.

At the time, most of Full Sail’s campus was stretched across what must have been the world’s saddest strip mall. Every month at Full Sail you will be required to learn essential skills to help different aspects of the music industry.

Regardless of how great all of the Full Sail properties looked, there was no escaping “what was,” which was a bad design from the 80s that had been clearly retrofitted for the ever expanding creative oasis. Recording Arts, Full Sail’s audio engineering degree, my first, is an intensive course that I have watched break people.I needed an answer, and my guidance counselor had no map to traverse this “road less traveled”.After doing some homework of my own making I found the key to realizing my dreams!The Launchbox was the first set of Apple products I ever owned, and the night that I got home with my copy of Logic Pro 8 and Final Cut Pro (and yes it was super hard biking with those to giant boxes in the rain, get a car) I spent the next few hours installing what would become my best friend.Ten years later Project Launchbox comes with a lot more (yes, I’m jealous).You can even put it towards a Mac of your choice because you are going to need an Apple computer.If you still find this unnecessary, I’ll say this getting the Launchbox changed my life!You still get the latest versions of Logic & Final Cut, but you also get an audio interface, Pro Tools, Waves Plugins and more. Full Sail has a heavy emphasis on the entrepreneurial spirit of its students, so while every class is grounded in the course work that is needed to push you to the next level, it is also prepping you for whatever the industry may throw at you, which is why Show Production, Music Production and Recording Arts are all together for the first 3 months of their individual and why you end up working with other programs along the way.You’ll hate some of them, you’ll love some of them, either way, I learned something from every one of them.The stepping stone to becoming a music producer was to become an audio engineer, and like all of the other types of engineers, I assumed I needed a degree in audio engineering.There are only a handful of reputable audio engineering schools (let alone music production schools) in the United States.


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