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In the later portions of the book he examines certain forms of property and tenure, and certain legal conceptions and legal classifications, which have survived to our day, but which appear to have had their origin in remote antiquity.

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He seems, in fact, to have regarded it as standing to this projected Digest much in the same relation as the Roman Institutes to the celebrated Digest of the Emperor Justinian.

Yet the meagre extant fragments of the Twelve Tables of Rome contain rules which are plainly religious or ritualistic:— We are told by Cicero (‘De Legibus,’ 2, 25, 64) that several of these rules contained in the Tenth of the Roman Tables were taken from Greek originals.

He attributes the Greek rules to Solon, and explains that they limited the costliness of the ancient ritual of funerals.

has already appeared in the ‘Fortnightly Review,’ and the bulk of Chapter VIII.

in the ‘Nineteenth Century;’ and the Author has to express his thanks to the proprietors of those periodicals for their permission to republish his contributions.


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