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Besides his evocative soundtracks, Anderson uses ambient sound and foley techniques for a number of effects, from complimenting the preciousness of a moment to suddenly upending and frightening his characters.

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Fandor has published a new video essay of sorts in an effort to correct that oversight: “What Does a Wes Anderson Movie Sound Like?The texts for these films come to me in both public and private spaces: on a long train ride, during a layover in a strange city, at a café, in a hotel room, on the toilet.Throughout the 1990s, I gravitated toward the simultaneously visceral and cerebral French feminist theory of Hélène Cixous and Luce Irigaray.While I was shooting this film, I was also keeping a diary: “My memory of being a girl includes a “me” that is two.I am two bodies – the body of the body and the body of the mind. This was the body that was wet with dirty liquids, holes that wouldn’t close, full of smells and curdled milk. This was assumed and only reconsidered upon my very rare attempts at jumping farther than far enough, clearing the ditch, lifting the heave-ho. This body wrapped and encircled the bones, a protective cover of flesh, just on the other side of the wall I call skin.” I will never forget a cross-country plane ride I took near the end of editing this film.However, once, the viewer looks past the appearance of films, the viewer realizes that the all-important purpose of films is to serve as a bridge connecting countries, cultures, and languages.This is because if you compare any two films that are from a foreign country or spoken in another language, there is the possibility of a connection between the two because of the fact that they have a universally understanding or interpretation.More like an artist than a traditional documentary maker, I am interested in a kind of meaning that is open to interpretation.Once a film is complete, I often learn things about it from my audience — how the convergence of two images actually expresses an idea or how a non-diegetic sound expands the meaning of spoken phrase.The use of jump cuts within Breathless and Contempt was an unconventional technique during the French New Wave and still is today because it violates one of the rules of Classic Hollywood Style., they are the ones being isolated and not the characters. Jump cuts create “…discontinuities that the perceptual system will not ignore because the stimuli fall outside of the accommodation ranges for perceptual continuity, then spatial coherence breaks down” (Berliner). In the beginning, of Contempt, Paul and Camille are talking to each other but the dialogue can barely be heard. In a way, this cuts off the viewer as a voyeur but it still creates a heightened interest because the film begins after their moment of intimacy. "The Illusion of Continuity: Active Perception and the Classical Editing System." Journal of Film and Video 63.1 (2011): 44-63.


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