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The other model of the working mom is the one most people think of when discussing working mothers.This model is one of a woman having too many demands of her –housewife, mother and paid employee – which may lead to role strain due to fatigue and role overload.

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Mothers feel that they have no choice in the matter, in order to be the “perfect” mother, they need to put in this shift, because it is their responsibility. Why does the father feel it is his right to come home and relax, when the mother is busy fixing dinner, and disciplining children.

For the working mothers, understanding is first and foremost needed in order for the psychological well being.

They need to feel that their work is important, and necessary, and that they are not sacrificing their child’s well being in order to benefit themselves.

In order for the working mother to keep her sanity, the father needs to jump in and help with the chores that were previously held by the homemaker.

In this day and age, the ideal homemaker is a thing of the past.


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