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While the job essays give them an understanding of what you did, these essays should give an understanding of who you are.In these essays you will not give any overviews or summaries, but delve deep into the meaning of the things you did.Keep in mind that you should write 2-4 characteristics and 1 strategic weakness.

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Whichever way you go about it, remember: describe actions, explain why they mattered, and what they tell about you.

The question asks about both strengths and weaknesses.

First of all, I can choose to tell the anecdote as a description of our group dynamics and what is expected of every individual, or I can tell a story of our biggest performance.

Next, I can draw out a million qualities that are inherent to a musical improvisational group: creativity; being a good listener; being a team player; musicality; making key decisions on the fly, just to name a few.

Then move on to the failure; what was the story, who did it affect, and what did you learn.

(B) Another option is that you can write an achievement story, then a failure story, and then write about the general impact on relationships they had and general take aways.

It is up to me, the writer, to pick a two that are demonstrated strongest in my story, and then explain to the reader not only why they are present, but how they helped me grow and how they will serve me in the future.

If you don’t have one major thing that can serve as a metaphor to your personality (like improvisation) you can use two smaller anecdotes that center on more specific moments, followed by an explication of what key character traits you had to demonstrate in order to act in such and such a way.

This option will work if both the failure and the achievement have a common thread or theme tying them together. (C) Another way to approach this is if the way you dealt with your failure led you to an accomplishment you were proud of.

That is to say, you failed, you learned from it, you fixed it, in turn bringing you back to the top and leading you toward your accomplishment.


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