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[tags: Prostitution] - Should we decriminalize prostitution.Decriminalize means the removal of criminal penalties or the restrictions against something.

[tags: Prostitution, Human trafficking, Rape] - Prostitution is famously known as “the world’s oldest profession.” Lots of scholars like to nitpick this and say that hunting or gathering actually deserves that title, but the fact remains that it is currently and historically ubiquitous: all ancient and modern cultures have had their own form of prostitution, from ancient Greece and the Aztecs to modern-day America.

For example, the ancient Greek historian Herodotus in his Histories talks about ancient Mesopotamians practicing sacred or “temple prostitution,” a worship practice that enacts symbolic marriage between a god and a goddess with humans representing the deities....

Cities spend an average of 7.5 million dollars on prostitution control every year, ranging from 1 million dollars to 23 million dollars.” Prostitution is the oldest known profession.

Currently in 49 countries and counting prostitution is legal.

[tags: Prostitution] - The exploitation of prostitution is considered to be one of a serious global issue in most of the countries around the world.

Also, the number of prostitution is increasing tremendously each year and seems to be more serious than the past centuries.Sex, in the Western world, is seen as solely a procreation tool between a married couple, and prostitution is sexual activity for the sole purpose of pleasure and money (evils to Christians).Those in favor of decriminalization want to decriminalize in order to “call for enforcement of laws against fraud, abuse, violence and coercion to protect sex workers/prostitutes from abuse and exploitation.” ("Prostitution Law Reform: Defining Terms.")....It is commonly referred to as the worlds oldest profession, prostitution dates back to biblical times.The issue at hand is not whether the act of prostitution is immoral; but rather, is prostitution a crime. Why should the fact that money has been exchanged in return for sexual services make the act a crime....[tags: Prostitution] - Prostitution: Is it a Crime.Prostitution is the act of providing sexual services in exchange for money; has existed in society longer than many realize.The thesis of the article is to decriminalize prostitution.Critics think by decriminalizing prostitution there would be an increase in human trafficking....[tags: Prostitution, Human sexuality] - There are movies, TV shows and songs in popular culture that portray the world of prostitution as blissful sex, money, drugs, alcohol and endless partying.Not only are prostitutes mocked and ridiculed for their job by society, but they are also dehumanized and neglected.


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