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It also includes avoidance of any use of the information (e.g., lead generation) for other than legitimate and ethical research purposes or to respond to participant complaints.

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The purpose of research is informational; there is no direct commercial intent or direct result in the activity of research.

The research activity shall be the primary and prevailing purpose of the contact with the individual, and it is always separate and distinct from direct marketing, sales, and advertising activities.

(1) to validate interviews and/or (2) to determine an additional fact of analytical importance to the study (including the practice of appending client-owned database information to the research organization's data file as an analytic aid).

Where additional inquiry is indicated, research participants must be given a sound reason for the re-inquiry; a refusal by the participant to continue must be respected.

The Standards Committee and the Board of Directors of CASRO will evaluate these circumstances as they arise and, if appropriate, revise the Code.

The Code, therefore, is a living document that seeks to be responsive to the changing world of research, while setting forth important principles that should inform the judgment and behavior of research organizations based on the ethical spirit of the code, even in circumstances for which definitive standards have not been updated or articulated.

In this spirit, CASRO advocates ongoing communication among members, research participants, clients, subcontractors, consultants and interviewers.

Market, opinion, and social research is an information gathering and analytical activity distinct from marketing and advertising.

Preamble Research organizations have ethical and legal responsibilities to research participants.

These ethical and legal responsibilities must be disclosed to research participants, thereby forming a "chain of trust” relationship between research organizations and research participants.


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