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Feeling more confident about the trip, the Pilgrims’ continued on with their journey.On the way to the New World, the waters were very rough and the skies were stormy.

William Bradford is the epitome of somebody who never intended to become the person he became, never seeking out leadership, or fame, he just wanted to help his fellow man live a In one basic respect, the Pilgrims are a logical outcome of the Reformation.

This alliance was dangerous, as Separatist were often arrested, imprisoned, even hanged for treason on the orders of King James I of England.

We know about the persecution they faced in England and their trip across the Atlantic in the Mayflower.

We credit Thanksgiving as a tradition started by the Pilgrims, as well.

He treated the Pilgrims with reverence as if they were his children. This is because the Pilgrims were not able to buy a very expensive ship since they didn’t have much money.

This book is Bradford’s journal describing the Pilgrims To begin with, The Pilgrims worried whether the ship would hold up during the voyage from Holland. Many times, the Pilgrims thought about turning around.The American dream, American government, American values, and American ideologies were based on the Puritans beliefs and the struggles they went through for the American Dream.Convincing future generations of the struggles and achievements of Puritans was the purpose of William Bradford for writing Of Plymouth Plantation."Being thus arrived in good harbor, and brought safe to land, they fell upon their knees and blessed the God of Heaven who brought them over the vast and...Of Plymouth Plantation William Bradford The book that I chose to write about is Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford.He was a very powerful leader in the Plymouth Plantation and all the Pilgrims looked at him not only as a leader, but also as a part of their family.Bradford was by the Pilgrims side in everything that they did and was always an influential, supportive leader.The one element all leaders have in common is in some way, have changed the course of history.The one great leader I have found to be interesting and envision of a great leader is William Bradford, an original passenger on the Mayflower, and the first ever governor elected on what is to become, American Soil.I chose to write about this book because I believe that what William Bradford did for the Pilgrims was very remarkable.Bradford was the governor of Plymouth for over thirty years after the previous governor, John Carver, had died.


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