Essays On Energy Sources

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The most notable feature of this system is the solar panel.

The panel collects the solar energy and turns it into DC current and then the solar energy converter transforms this into usable AC current.

Even though the initial installation costs are comparably higher, their maintenance and other expenses are very low.

Promoting the use of solar energy in replacement with many other technologies will help in the reduction of pollution as well as the destruction of many other non-renewable energies.

The heat and light we receive from the Sun are what constitutes the solar energy. Had it not been for Sun, there would not have been any life on Earth and the Earth would have been like any other planet in the solar system.

Solar energy is a renewable form of energy as we have the privilege to use this energy as long as we have the Sun with us.

The Sun is an almost endless source of energy that radiates over the Earth every day.

This great heat lamp in the sky can help us gather the solar energy we need to further humanity towards their new goals.

Solar energy involves a very simple technique that reduces the expenses of energy consumption in comparison to the other sources of energy.

It is available free of cost for all the people on earth.


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