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Composition is defined as the combination of distinct parts or elements to form a whole and the manner in which these elements are combined or related.

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Speaking is a valuable way to enhance concepts of persuasion, and develop linguistic skills.

That is why the incident reminded me of a beautiful essay by Jeanette Winterson titled “Art Objects,” found in her magnificent 1996 collection ), in which she illuminates with exquisite precision the many layers of misunderstanding that happened here, which also happen so frequently when someone issues a dismissive or critical denunciation of art from a deep place of she confesses with hindsight’s lucidity.

As she finds herself in Amsterdam, she also finds herself a stranger in a strange land in another way.

The event was painful to watch because the first task of a great interviewer is humility — sublimating his ego in the service of letting his subject shine; the second and more arduous task is understanding, which takes a deliberate investment of time, intention, and effort.

It was painful to watch, but also shrouded in soft pity — endearing, because he was merely seeking to connect with her work and needed a sherpa in understanding it.


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