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It concludes with skepticism, expressed in his famous motto: What do I know?Far from leading to a mistrust of men, this attitude of doubt leads to a universal good will and a way of life based on understanding of our weaknesses.

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And such as, out of respect to some private obligation, unjustly espouse and vindicate the memory of a faulty prince, do private right at the expense of public justice.Livy does very truly say, “That the language of men bred up in courts is always full of vain ostentation and false testimony, every one indifferently magnifying his own master, and stretching his commendation to the utmost extent of virtue and sovereign grandeur.” Some may condemn the freedom of those two soldiers who so roundly answered Nero to his beard; the one being asked by him why he bore him ill-will?“I loved thee,” answered he, “whilst thou wert worthy of it, but since thou are become a parricide, an incendiary, a player, and a coachman, I hate thee as thou dost deserve.” And the other, why he should attempt to kill him?“The most terrible and violent of our own afflictions is to despise our own beings” “On the highest throne, we are seated, still, upon our arses” “Everything is too complicated for men to understand” “The man who thinks he knows something does not know yet what knowing is” “Why torment yourself with worries that are outside your self control?are a work by Michel de Montaigne published from 1580 to 1588.Although philosophers often see reason as the solution to problems, Montaigne perceived problems as being caused by our reason and over-thinking of issues.As the body is so rarely mentioned in public, we’re led to think of it as shameful. In fact, Montaigne felt that the animals on his chateau farm surpassed humans in many ways.If you do this, you have no reason to feel intellectually inadequate.After all, outward symbols of intelligence are often incredibly different to reality.In his study, surrounded by a thousand books and space to pace, Montaigne had a ceiling covered in inscriptions of essential wisdom.Some of which are below, amongst other sayings of Montaigne.


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