Essays In English Health Is Wealth

If you want to live a happy and successful life, then it’s really important for you to be healthy so that you can perform better at work and spend time with your family and make memories with them because life is too short to be taken for granted so avail the chance before it’s too late.

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If you invest on your health today, it going to show you the result later in your life and by staying healthy means less money spend on medicines and doctor’s checkup in that way you will be able to save your money also.

Having a good health means both physical and mental health and if your mind is at peace and is healthy then you will be able to perform better at work and from mind comes great ideas, so you will come up with good business ideas going to give you self-confidence and that’s how you’ll make wealth.

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There is a famous saying that you cannot buy happiness and neither you can buy health; this is something that you are blessed with, good health, good looks, etc.

But wealth is something that you can always earn you need to do some hard work, and you can make money, but health once gone is very hard to get it again, that is why it’s said that Health is wealth.

We are so busy making wealth that we do not realize that it is badly affecting our health.

Both health and wealth are essential for living a happy life, and it sometimes gets difficult to prioritize any one of them.


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