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Opponents try to fight equalization and extra expenses.During its existence, the uniform was repeatedly introduced and removed from educational institutions in different countries.

Clay tablets describing the everyday life of the Sumerian school were created about 2000 BC.For example, the students of Harrow continue to wear straw hats.The rules are more indulgent in our time: this hat can be not worn on especially windy days.High school students who have shown outstanding results in several subjects are allowed to decorate their clothes with large silver buttons and velvet cuffs.This is an excellent incentive for successful study which can be mentioned among reasons why students should wear uniforms.Disputes about the necessity of school uniform are as eternal as the history of such clothing itself.Supporters insist that it accustoms children to order and removes signs of social inequality from school.It is a good example for a persuasive essay on why school uniforms are good.According to the legend carefully stored in the walls of Christ's Hospital, in 1552, King Edward VI (the son of Henry VIII and his third wife, Jane Seymour, the younger brother of the future Queen Elizabeth I) heard the passionate preaching of the London bishop about the needs of poor people and was so touched that decided to engage in charity.A few years ago, the administration of Christ's Hospital conducted a survey among its students to find out whether they want to abandon the special clothing.95% of polled young people spoke in favor of preserving the tradition.


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