Essay On Women Rights In Afghanistan

Some 20 years later, women's access to education in the conflict-ridden country was completely shut down.

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Many people associate Afghan women with the burqa, the garment that covers a woman's entire face, head and body and is worn in a number of Islamic countries.

This is not surprising considering that under Taliban rule – a period that received extensive coverage in Western media – women were required to wear a burqa outside the home. The German press agency (dpa) recently released a series of historical photos showing Afghan women in Western-style clothes and without veils or headscarves.

After the fundamentalist Taliban assumed power in the mid-1990s, women were required to wear a burqa in public.

In the mid-1970s, female students were a common sight at Afghan institutes of education such as Kabul's Polytechnic University (pictured here are female students at this institute from this era).

They were also banned from taking up employment outside the home.

The struggle continues: in this photo, which was taken in 1981, a woman, unveiled and without a headscarf, is seen on a Kabul street with her children. Even almost 15 years after the collapse of the Taliban regime, women continue to struggle for equality in the male-dominated Afghan society.

Women and girls were: There were many other ways their rights were denied to them.

Women were essentially invisible in public life, imprisoned in their home.

presents a selection of these photos This picture, taken in 1962, shows two female medicine students at the University of Kabul listening to their professor as they examine a plaster model of a human body part.

At that time, women played an active role in Afghan society.


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