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And less than one third think smoking marijuana regularly will cause a great risk of harm, according to Monitoring the Future. They hear teachers and parents tell them not to do drugs, but they see drug use glamorized in the media.Talking to teens about marijuana can seem more complicated than talking to them about other types of drugs.Unlike alcohol or cocaine, marijuana overdoses don’t kill people.

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But other studies suggest that people who use marijuana already face a high risk for drug abuse.

The Monitoring the Future Survey, sponsored by NIDA and conducted by the University of Michigan, is the most authoritative teen survey on drug use in the United States.

But teen marijuana use has remained consistent for a decade.

The drug’s medical benefits and safety for adults is debatable.

“We see that edibles are probably being used around 10 percent or 11 percent,” Volkow said regarding national edible use.

“But there is a significant difference between the states.” Teens try drugs for a variety of reasons.

Volkow said about 16.5 percent of students in states that legalized marijuana consumed marijuana edibles.

In comparison, about 8 percent of students in states that haven’t legalized marijuana consumed edibles.

Many kids try marijuana because they think it’s less harmful than other illicit drugs, such as cocaine or heroin.

Less than 12 percent of high school seniors think trying marijuana once or twice will cause a great risk of harm.


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