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Physicians are the providers of medical care; patients are the recipients.And government subsidizes healthcare for the elderly, the disabled and the poor. Clearly the interrelationship among the stakeholders in the healthcare system is rather complex.

Physicians are the providers of medical care; patients are the recipients.And government subsidizes healthcare for the elderly, the disabled and the poor. Clearly the interrelationship among the stakeholders in the healthcare system is rather complex.

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However, this is unethical of insurance companies because it reduces healthcare to a profit centered industry, and prevents those in need from receiving care.

Pharmaceutical Companies Pharmaceutical companies also play a key role in the healthcare system because many patients rely on their products.

The insurance companies remain profit driven, but the nature of their service should not be profit focused.

Adequate healthcare is becoming harder to obtain due to financial hardship.

However, since the late 1980s pharmaceutical firms send young attractive representatives with no formal training to market their drugs by establishing a social relationship with the physician and by offering incentives to prescribe their product.

Many physicians whose prescribing practices are unduly influenced by pharmaceutical representatives share the blame.Likewise, the primary goal of employers is to make money; however, their provision of health insurance for employees is a benefit, not a source of profit.Unlike the other stakeholders physicians have direct fiduciary duties and responsibilities towards their patients.Although they receive remuneration for their services, the doctor-patient relationship is a sacred trust that transcends monetary reward. Finally, democratic government has duties and responsibilities towards its citizens, but how they are defined in regard to the provision of healthcare is an evolving American story.Insurance Industry Currently rising premiums and strict requirements are keeping many people from obtaining health insurance.They tend to respond to conversation about certain drugs rather than reading the biomedical literature.Physicians Physicians play a key role in ensuring that their patients receive adequate healthcare, but also in controlling the rising costs of healthcare.Although PHARMA spent billion on R&D in 2006, it spent nearly twice as much on promotion, and it consistently has profit margins far above those of most Fortune 500 companies.Whether or not you argue that pharmaceutical companies have a moral responsibility to ensure that people can afford their products, at the very least they have the duty to be honest and practice fair marketing.These actions cause healthcare spending to increase as well.By placing the physician between these two roles, a conflict of interest is created.


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